Montado, Algarve & Mountain Cycling

This holiday I headed Iberian penisula, Portugal and Madeira. First a tour from Lisbon down to Algarve and Sagres, the southernmost town in Europe. Then I follow the coastline to Olhão and turned north through hilly and motado landscapes with cork oaks. Many stunning views, small cozy villages, deep, steep vallys and gorges and lots of sweat!
Before I set sail for Lisbon, I crossed the Tajo (Tagus) River and spent one night in Vila Franca de Xira. Then I cycled towards Sintra on the west coast a town known for impressive architectures and Palácio da Penam a fairy castle with pastel yellow, pink, and violet walls. Grandios, stunning, gorgeous, magnificent!!
The negative with Sintra was all souvenir shops, stands and it was very expensive.  From here I visit the lighthouse  Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Continental Europe.
After 11 days on saddle I was back in Lisbon, two nights before a flight to Madeira for one week of guided mountaincycling cross the Island. Maderia is hilly, very hilly and beautiful. Some scenery views was breathtaking beautiful especially from the top of Pico Arieiro. Tough cycling up to the  top but it was worth ewvery sweat drop.

The week ended with swimming among dolphins in Funchal, unforgettable memories. The best time of year to visit Madeira is spring, May when the flowers and trees are in bloom.

Back to Lisboa, same hotel and three days cycling around and walking about,  Cristo Rei Statue, good restaurants, and just joining the atmosphere.

Lisboa is a town that deserve more attention and quite cheap to visit