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Save the Orangutan’s mission is to save and protect the critically endangered orangutan and its last remaining habitats in Borneo and to raise national and international awareness of the severe deforestation threatening the orangutan’s future existence

You can support Save the Orangutan and there important work to save the critically endangered orangutan and its rainforest home in various ways. Head on over to our regional Save the Orangutan sites to explore your options and help us today. Do not hesitate to contact them or me if you have any questions.

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Save the Orangutan has a 90-account, which means that their operations are under the supervision of the Swedish Fundraising Control.
Their bank giro number (bg) is 900-1421, and their plus giro (pg) is 90 01 42-1

Illegal wildlife trade

Illegal trade in wild animals is the fourth most common crime and one of the biggest threats to the orangutan’s survival. The orangutan is protected by conservation laws in both Indonesian and Malaysian rainforests. Yet the orangutan is still the most traded primate in the world. More than 1000 illegal trades and activities involving orangutans occur every year.


Deforestation of the rainforests in Indonesia, including Borneo, destroys unique ecosystems. According to studies from 2014 based on satellite photos, an estimate of more than 30% of the original Bornean rainforests have been cleared within just four decades (1970-2010).

Human of the Forest

The orangutan belongs to the group of primates known as great apes. The indigenous Dayak people of Borneo tell an old legend that the orangutan was originally a human who pretended not to be able to speak and climbed up the trees to escape having to work.