The Emerald Isle or Ireland was on my schedule this summer. After barely three hours flight I had Dublin under my feets.
Outside the rain was pouring down and I had to wait three-quarter for a cab taking me to my one night stand hotel Days.
To finde the route out of Dublin was easy, just follow river Liffey. First stop in Enfield for coffe and sandwich. Cloudy weather but luke warm. I also had a navigation mishap to Clane instead of Edenderry. 48 km for nothing other than exploring the rural.

Day two I cycled into Tullamore, a famous whiskey district. Short stop for charing my GPS and while waiting, coffe and sweet cookies. Then pedaling away after narrow and winding roads. While cycling a strange and unfamiliar scent reaches the nose, and it doesn’t smell like cow dung! After a stop for water refiling at a gas station my question was answered… The are selling peats. Outside here the people heating up their houses with burning peats. The myth of the green island is true because due to its lush green landscape and abundant natural beauty!
Outskirt Ballyforan I pitchup my tent and tomorrow Galway.

Day three and twenty km ahead I saw Atlantic sea and a glims of Galway. A cheap but cozy B&B with a roof windows for three nights. Walking about and a late dinner with several Paint of Forsters then a necessary sleep.

The Emerald Isle


Day after a trip to south to Cliffs of Moher, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland which become true when I get there. All over the area crowding people. The scenery of the staggering height of the rock face, and the stunning views overatlantic ocean in front of and below me was gorgeous, stunning and magnificent, just sorry for the weather. The rain hung in the air and the sky was completely grey!

On the last day in Galway I’m crowded shopping-hungry Galway residents and tourists and quenches the thirst with a few pints.

I continue southwards after Wild Atlantic Way throug small cozy cities, some Guinness paints and the rain has started. From Killimer a ferry boat over shannon estauray to Tabert while the rain pouring down.
More cozy and picturesque villages and every one with at least one pub! In Cill Airne three nights at hostel and a visit at their nationalpark with a nice
company, blue sky and sunshine…Yeah!
I passes Cork for Midleton, which shares seven of Ireland’s best-loved whiskey brands by their whiskey distillery. I did a guided tour, tasting and purchasing one of their local whiskey brand, a special edition Midleton

Follow the east cost up to New Roos , another cozy village by the river Barrow. In Dunganstown 5 miles or 8 km Outskirt New Ross lies the Kennedy family Homestead, the ancestral home of US President John F Kennedy which I visited.

Two days later I was back in Dublin , just to get a massive problem on your hands. Everyway I tried to book a hotelroom, B&B or hostel… I only got the response occupied, occupied, fully booked
– How Come?….
– U2 has consert in town, sorry that’s a fact!

Finally a shabby hostel by the river Liffey and the price is more than double vs normal. Three nights exploring a wonderful town, Temple Bar area if you like typical Irish pubs and restaurants.
If you ask me… don’t pass by

Same answer for Guinness store, a seven floor buildning with all you need to know about Guinness stoutie, tasting, souvenirs and at very top Gravity Bar, a 360-degree view of Dublin while enjoying a pint of Guinness… unforgettable experience.

I also visit Trinity collage for The Book of Kellys & Old Library, worth a visit. After a day like this, lots of green parks to recover is welcome.

– Don’t miss to visit The Emerald Isles Capitol –

Next day flight home took off.