I been cycling through almost 40 countries and experience lots of hardships, gravelroads in Tajikistan, climbing up to Tanh Rata in Malaysia, surveillance by security police in China, the heat in Borneo and much, much more but the last days in Chile was more tough then I expected. Long desolate straights with sand, sand and heat and I never felt so unsure and lonley before.

Climbing up from Playa Paposo.This climb made me consider no more desert biking for a while

Atacama-desert-road.Straight and desolate road

Not much brows here

No I’m in  Antofagasta , not so far from the border into Bolivia but I still have Atacama desert to fightr against. From herer I booked a bus to Calama and from there I have planned to join a guiden tour to Uyuni.
It is the largest salt flat in the world. Then another bus tour up to Oruro, Bolivia. It may sound cowardly, but I see no pleasure in more desert cycling and I’m an old man

See yeah
//The Global Cyclist 1726