Upgrading my vaccination status

Today I had booked an appointment with doktor24 to upgrade my vaccination protection. Two new injections,Typhoid, Rubella and Measles and a package for oral intake, suspension and carbonated powder against kolera, Dukoral were the results from the vaccination nurse.

Five weeks from now second intake of Dukoral is nesecerry and then I’m protected against almost everything! but it coast me 172$

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Seven weeks to go…can’t wait

Today, september 25, and the rain is drizzling down. Most of the time is preparing with all the bags and stuff, also packing up all my belongings and preparing to store these with my friendly neighbor who has prepared a large room for me.

I also prepare my body, legs, fitness, endurance at Studio To Be, a gym and fittness  in central  Örnsköldsvik.  +Four times a week, I sweat, groan, and find the energy to push myself even harder, thanks to my great workout buddies, but especially because of dedicated, motivating, and positive leaders.

The Joint
WOW – workout of the week, Spinning, Treadmill, Skitraning machine

The Cave
Boxing, Row machine, Skitraining maschine

The Top
Gym ands Strength Training

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My first planned route through Patagonien

After three nights at a hostel Los Cormoranes in Ushuaia I headning north.

My first 1400 km through Patagonien

For the first 1400 kilometers, I will cross the border between Argentina and Chile four times. I will leave Argentina for good once I pass Villa O’Higgins.

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Time for my second leg of my Around The Globe Cycling journey

Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
September 16 2023

My second leg of the journey around cycling starts on November 12th from Arlanda, Sweden. After two layovers, in Ankara and Buenos Aires, I will land in the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego. This flight takes two days

My flight from Arlanda Sweden to Istanbul – Buenosa Aires aand final destinatioin Ushuaia, Argentina

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New Zealand and South Island Next

The flight over the Tasman Sea to New Zealand is going well, and we land almost exactly at 11:30 PM local time.

I have some comments about the landing. First, the plane tilts quite a bit, almost as if there was a big bump in the middle of the runway. Then, there’s a sudden stop, causing us to almost hit the seat in front of us. Neither I nor anyone else seems to be injured.

After that, I go through passport control, which is self-manned. A scanner reads the passport, and you’re supposed to be allowed into the arrival hall, but not for me and a few others. We have to take the regular route.

On the plane, we had to fill out a form about what we have in our luggage, where we’ve been, and so on.

The form also asks if you have camping equipment, medications, explosives, weapons, and such.

I indicated that I have a tent and other camping gear and that my last destination was Borneo, where I also camped. The passport control officer wants to take a look at this form and notices that I marked a few ”yes” boxes.

Then I’m allowed to proceed towards the exit and the next checkpoint.

The next officer also looks at the form and then asks, ”Where is your tent?” I point to my North Face bag, and the officer tells me to follow the red line. There are also yellow and green lines. Now, I’m asked more questions about the tent, and they also want me to produce it.

I hand the woman my North Face bag, and she goes through a door and asks me to wait.

After about 10 minutes, she returns and says…
– We found some ants in your tent, and you have two options. You leave your tent here, and we destroy it for free.

I look at the woman as if she’s joking and say…
 – Destroy?

She responds…
– Yes, but your other option is to let us send the tent for cleaning, but that will cost you about 160 NZD.

What do you do?
Starting an argument with these officers is out of the question, so I ask,…
– How many days do I have to wait to get it back?
She replies…
 –  About a week.

I have no choice but to accept their offer, and I provide my address in Christchurch, my phone number, and email address.
She says…
– We’ll send you an email when and where you can pick up your tent.

Sigh, sigh, and more sighs, and now the time it’s almost half past two AM .

I’m tired and realize that my hostel tonight won’t be open when I arrive.

See yah later
// TheGlobalCyclist1719

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Pontianak welcomes me

Just before and around the time just before ”take off” to Pontianak, I receive a message from Worldtracer that says…

CGKGA76435 – Bag01/Red
Your item has been found and will be received at its destination tomorrow, Pontianak.

That sounds good; I’ll have to return to the airport tomorrow, but I’m glad the bag has been found. I had estimated that the contents were worth around 1700-1800 $ if I had to buy equivalent items.

For the rest of the time until the departure at 15:25 from Gate 16, I’m mostly relaxed at my window seat. The check-in process goes smoothly, and we taxi towards the runway on schedule.
The plane barely takes off before I fall asleep with my headphones on, which I had plugged in to watch TV right in front of me on the seatback.

I wake up about 25 minutes before we’re supposed to land and see that the flight attendants have given me a tray with food and water. I finish the rice and chicken but leave the little container with some sweet pink dessert, dosn’t look tasty!

Pontianak below and Kapuas river floating throug

At 5:05 PM, the plane’s wheels touch down with a slight screech and then a strong but safe braking.

Waiting for Taxi to my hotel

The rest goes quickly with no issues at passport control. The airport isn’t particularly large, similar to Midlanda. The bags, except for the missing North Face bag, come gliding on the conveyor belt at Claim 3, and the bicycle box as well. I then head towards the exit.

Getting a ride to the hotel in Pontianak wasn’t difficult. Taxis are waiting outside the airport, and within three-quarters of an hour after getting my luggage, the taxi drives towards the entrance of Aiyr Pontianak Selatan Imam Bonjo.

The check-in at the hotel Merparti goes quickly since I’ve already booked the room via Hotels.com.

The room is on the third floor, but there’s no elevator, so I get some help carrying all my luggage. They place the bicycle box inside a sort of baggage room at the reception.

The hotel is two-star, but the room is quite decent with two single beds, TV, and air conditioning. Breakfast, included in the price, is served between 06:00 and 09:00.

Tonight, I’ll have an early night as I’m tired. Not much sleep at airport!

I’ll catch up with you later from the lively Pontianak on Borneo.
// P-G The Global Cyclist 1719

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The island of Orangutans – Borneo

Soon, in about a day, I’ll be stepping foot in my twentieth country, the land of orangutans. I’m looking forward to this adventure with excitement and delight… Wow, I have to pinch myself for all the experiences and challenges I’m going to face.

Borneo, my planned route through island

Roughly an hour after departing from Changi Airport in Singapore, we touch down in Jak
arta, Indonesia, at Soekarno-Hatta Airport. It’s pitch black outside, and the time is approaching 11:30 PM. My flight to Pontianak on Borneo is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll be spending a good chunk of time at this airport.

But first, I need to go through passport control, and the first thing I see when I enter the hall is a big sign obove my head that reads ”VISA on Arrival.”

There’s no line, so I approach an officer and inquire about how to apply for an extension of my already-granted 30 days. I don’t think 30 days will be enough to explore the island. He tells me that I need to purchase a card or receipt for $30, which, starting from today’s date and before my initial 30 days expire, should be presented to an immigration authority in one of the cities I’ll be passing through.

Then I’ll automatically get an extra 30 days on Borneo.

I pay the fee directly to the officer and then proceed across the hall to passport control, where I show both my passport and the newly acquired VISA card.

The woman says the same thing as the officer on the other side of the hall, that I should later present my passport and VISA Receipt in the city where I wish to extend by 30 days.

I receive my passport stamps and head towards baggage claim. There’s a sign that says ”Claim 6,” so I make my way there.

The suitcases start coming down the conveyor belt just as I arrive, and I load them onto a trolley.

I notice that my bike box is a little further down and steer the cart in that direction. Just as I’ve loaded the box onto the trolley, I realize that one bag is missing.

It’s the red North Face bag with a complete tent, mattress, liner, pillow, and silk sheets inside.

The belt has stopped, meaning no more bags are on their way. I find a service staff member and am advised to go to Garuda’s service office to file a loss report.

Using the stickers on my boarding pass, we note that a bag is missing, indicating that it’s the airline’s fault, not mine.

The luggage was checked in correctly in Singapore, as confirmed by my stickers.

I provide my mobile phone number, WhatsApp number, my address in Pontianak, and the man behind the desk takes note of everything. I receive a receipt for my report.

The receipt also contains their WhatsApp number and a reference number I should mention when calling.

I’m afraid it might be more than one night in Pontianak, I definitely want to get the North Face bag with the tent back before I continue.

I then push the trolley cart back towards the exit and take the escalators two floors up to terminal three and Gate F.

Up here, I’ll try to find somewhere to rest. I find a booth with the sign ”Scandinavian” above it, it fits me perfect

Inside the booth, there’s a sofa with a upright back, two light green armchairs, and a table. I try to get into a relaxed position so I can get a few minutes of sleep, but it doesn’t take long before the travelers start walking around, so I didn’t get much sleep.

Good night, it started off well with Indonesia…!!

See Yeah from Pontianak, Borneo
// P-G The Global Cyclist 1719


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Long time since last blogg

When You reading this blogg  I’ve left Hungary for Romania and a new chapter in my cycling calender will be  started. I’ll never been i Romania with my bicycle Before,  so for me it’s exciting.

The first town I get into is Oradea and when I did that I realeased I been on my global journey now for one month and I still enjoy it.

Oradea Square, big, magnific and Clean. If You never visit Oradea make it tru. Because this town is an attration

My experience of Romania is that the people here are more friendly to those like me.

They are curious, questionable and helpful, but their language skills in English could be better.

Romania is also more hilly than Hungary, lots of slopes every day but it’s worth it.

My next stop for relaxing will be in the capitiol of Romania Bukarest were I also have planned a vistit at Swedish ambasey.I need a Swedish flag because I forgot to bring it with me Before I left Sweden.

Horses just before their work for today.This view is everyday for many in the Romanian l countryside. Everyone can not afford tractors

Romaina is beautiful, hilly and excating, Everything else is not true

Soon they may be three or more in the family. Too bad that our farm in Sweden does not provide space for these beautiful birds.

They were beeging for money and food and I feelt so sad about it, but they were glad and effervescent.

What can we do about it

Before Bukarest I took a trip to Bran a the castle were the myth of Dracula began. All stories about

Dracula is fairy tales but nevertheless exciting story.

Dracula myth began at this castel

Torture room , still going strong…? (pic)

Most of the stories about Dracula is fairy tales, but of course You must visit it.

I stayed in Bran and around the castle most of the day and I did not left Bran until 4.30 P.M

Curious, oblivious and very cute girl in Bran (pic)

Curious, oblivious and very cute girl in Bran. The father seem to be very proud over his doughter

The first two km out from Bran was easy but then a very steep and long climbing started

After 11 km uphill I stoped for water and just admire the view some was something very special

I love cows (pic)

Next stop in Bukarest at a hostel don´t worth the name. Bad service, loudly and dirty but cheep.

I found the Swedish embassy after 8 km Walking. Even though I arrived after closing time (open only  10-12) I get entered to embassy by a beautiful, dark-haired, nice Romanian woman who search up a Swedish flag among the belongings in the basement and handed it over to me.

Now I’m Swedish for real (pic)

Outside of my hostel window, there was a party and it’s bothered me all nights. That’s the price I have to pay if  I  choose a hostel like this

Two days in Bukaret is enough for me and then 150 km to the Bulgarien border. Quite easy ride, tailwind and fine weather.

Giurgiu is the Is a Romanian city on one side of the Danube which constitutes the border. and on oposite side is Ruse located

Some km frpm croosing Donau into Bulgaria ( pic)

Me, and the ladystaty at the entrance  to Giurgiu (pic)

Stalin build this bridge 1954 ( maybe not himself , but probably a number of underpaid workers) (pic)

Exactyl in the middle of the bridge between Romania and Bulgaria (pic)

Soon my sixth country whitin 6 weeks and Bulgaria will also be an experience for me.

See Yah from Bulgaria

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High Mass day in Făgăraş and a snail picker

May 7


Outside Arpasu de Jos I had found a quiet place to pitch my tent

The First I met next morning was a local man with a bucket filled with snails, maybe for selling them to the fancy restaurant in Bukarest, who knows ?

Did not say much, probably because he could´t speak english

It doesn’t look tasty… but at the fancy restaurant maybe

The weather is cloudy but warm and I have good hopes that the gray blanket of the sky wants to crack and become a little more sunny

My first stop this Sunday was in Făgăraş, lots of traffic and people time off from work everywhere in town. After the mainroad a café become my break. Coffe and navigation planning  and cross the street a magnificent  church or cathedral Outside people dressed up steps into the church for high mass.

In Romania Orthodox cathedrals is common and and they are majestic where they are standing, inside as well

After my coffee break I did those people company, visit the hig mass.

Well attended High Mass in Făgăraş 

I have never seen and experienced Romania from a bicycle saddle before but it has been very positive.
Romania is up and down, valleys, mountains, nice rural areas and cozy small villages and so far I´m  very pleased what I´ve seen.The time has past 3 p.m and now heading Codlea where I´m planning to stop for food shopping, I’ve run out of coffee and bread.

Last 20 km after a small narrow road to Zărneşti and then an even narrower and much more crooked road towards Tohanu Nou… but very beautiful.

Zărnești filed and soon for camp and only 7 km to Bran

Big green fields, majestic mountains in background and the sun is shining. Few km from Tohanu Nou on a small hill with some grazed sheep, an elderly shepherd and his dog become my tentplace for tonight.

Tomorrow not more then 7 km to the castle Bran… and count Dracula

See Yeah
// P-G



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Easy cycling and curious gypsies

May 5
I left hotel Deva early forenoon heading my next major goal, Bran Castle and count Draculas domicile. Maps.me has calulated around 275 km cycling and 600 altitude meters which mean that around 10 am, may 8 should I be there .

The first daycycling was quite easy, flat and long straight distances through agricultural areas and small cozy rural villages.

Gelmar, one of many small rural villages

In Sebes I stoped for coffe and some navigation search then further east. Just I left town it
began to drizzle and then more heavy rain and I was needed to change to rainwear.

When I passed a parking pocket by the road I stayed for more navigation check. I became immediately but kindly surrounded by a group of gypsies and their children.
They were curious about me but mostley at my bicycle and the GPS on the handlebar and I felt a single second of inattention and my GPS would be gone.

They also begged for money

When I stopped, I was immediately surrounded by curious children… and adults too!

In Romania, the Roma are very vulnerable, a majority live in poverty and the discrimination
against them is obvious… despite the fact that we have reached the end of the 2010s… deplorable!

An hour later I steered my bicycle off road and pitch up my tent in a field and protected by some bushes.
The rain has stopped, thanks for that

See Yeah later
// P-G

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