2013 and I was ready for Caribian and Cuba. Long flight and 14 hours later, Havana was under my feet, and there was a lengthy bureaucratic process before I was out in the open. Classic 1950s cars were everywhere, waiting to give me a ride to the hotel.
I’ve planned my cycle route from South back to Havana and the reason was to avoid headwind. This season wind blows often from the south and north.

Camping was not allowed but their own B&B, Casas Particular was common. My trip started from Santiago de Cuba and northwest towards Bayamo and
Playa Santa Lucia on the eastcoast. Then Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Playa Giron & Larga (Pigs of bay) Also visit Varadero on the eastcoast , a special part of Cuba for the rich people and tourists before I entered Havana again. Almost no car traffic, but lots of  bicycles and wagons pulled by oxen or horses.

Cuba was cheap and poor, but not the people, nice, generous and welcoming. Internet for people like me only worked in special shops, Telepunto and very, very slow!
Their Casas Particular was a nice suprice, cheap mostly clean and they also served food and very fresch fruits. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro was portraited all over.

In Havana, the former US influence was still palpable , eg. Cars from 50s , government buildings.  The weather was hot and moistry.

Cuba is a fantastic country to visit with both exciting culture and fantastic nature.

My heart still beat for Cuba

Pearl of the Antilles