Bicycle Equipment Detailed List

”You never learn, despite the experiences from previous bike trips, I always overpack. – It might be good to have just in case…!

On my last trip through Southeast Asia, I sent a lot of stuff back home, mostly clothes because the heat and weather got too hot. Did the same in New Zealand! The same procedure is likely to happen this time too. Plus, you end up buying new stuff along the way!”

Bicycle, Tools and Gers

Storage and Panniers

Tent and sleeping: 

Pants , Trousers and Jackets

Underwear and Base Layer

Head, Hand Stuff and Shoes

Photo, Video and Drones

Computer and Electronics

Kitchen and Cooking

Absolut necessaries

  • ID: Passport

  • ID: Driving License

  • Credit Cards: VISA and Mastercard 3x

  • Documents:  Copies of digtals important documents