January 25

I woke up after another good sleep and I feel much, much better. No fever and the pain is minimal. Breakfast 8,30 and is’nt much to write about.

Then I took a ”walk About” up to Santa Lucia Hill. A small hillop central Santiago del Chile and has an altitude of 629 m.a.s.l. Popular place for many tourists but also a homeplace for others.

The park is also a sleeping place and home for people at the bottom of the social pyramid

Park is coverd with lots of flowers


View over Santiago del Chile (STGO)

Castillo Hidalgo today only an event center and a expensive place to hold weddings

From the very top ypu can also see southamericas tallest buildning,, Castillo Hidalgo, 300 m

It is both a vantage point, walking area, and park. At the top of the mountain there is a nice vantage point. From here you can see large parts of the city and also South America’s tallest building, the Costanera Center 300 m.

The park is filled with trees, shrubs, beautiful flowers, historic buildings and a castle, Castillo Hidalgo (Hidalgo Castle).

Flower unknown to me my equally beautiful

Today it has been converted into an events center. It is now a popular place but an expensive one to hold weddings.

Castillo Hidalgo today only an event center and a expensive place to hold weddings

Logo name för Santiago del Chile

The area gives a nice and calm atmosphere. I saw several people just sitting down, reading a book or finding themselvs.

Rest of the day I did almost nothing, it was to warm outside, not a degree under 30. In the evening I walked down to Placa de Armas just to experience the evening atmosphere of this popular neighborhood. The park is full of people, music is playing all over and the restaurant and bar waiters do everything to attract tourists to their tables.

Metropolitan Cathedral in sunset

Tomorrow, late aftwernoon I leave STGO and heading north. Matter of fact I’m little bit tired

of Chile, now I’m longing for Bolivia but I still have at least 7-8 days before the border

See Yeah
//THe Global Cyclist 1726