Flight to Tashkent

7 August

Yippee Ki Yay, I been waiting for this day since august 2. Of Course I’ve seen a lot in Baku and it was worth to be rememered but my hotel or hostel visit dosen’t.
My flight to Uzbekistan depart 12.15 p.m first for a stopover in Almaty, Kazakhstan where I need to find somewhere to stay one night.

Wrapping my bicycle in plastic at Baku Airport

My connection flight to Tashkent  departs day after. The flight did well and also to find a cheap room.

Almaty Airport in evening light

Just outside the entrance to the airport a tall woman, perhaps 175 cm in height, handed me her business card and said they have a small hotel with good WiFi just a four-minute walk from here.

Initially hesitant, but the woman seemed trustworthy, and I accepted. I did’nt need to worry about my luggage and bike, this had already been taken care of at Baku Airport.

Four, maybe five minutes later, we reach the hotel, which looks more lika a single storey house and nestled in a residential area with lots of greenery.

Nice double room, with large TV, working WiFi, waterboiler and microwave own, clean, cheap and just a few minutes walking to Airport.  On Eurosport they send cycling. Shower and bathroom close at the corridor. Also search for E-VISA to Tajikistan. Easy and quick to get access to the country. Got some probs with the connection while I was typing. Tomorrow I will finished it. 

After changing clothes time to look for a dinner restaurant. 15 minutes walk I found a resturant and it seems to be popular, lots of guests inside.
On my way back to hotel withdraw some cash from a ATM

Tomorrow flight to Tasjkent and Uzbekistan

See yeah
//The Global Cyclist 1719