Mnisek nad Popradom and another chilly night

Crossed the borderline into Slovakia whithout a control but that´s the facts if you choose the smaller border crossings.

Crossing river Poprad at Mníšek nad Popradom.

Just 100 meters after the bridge a campingplace with roofed camping tables lined up, large green areas surrounded by forest, perfect place for me.
After 101 km on the saddle today, my legs was a little bit stiff and my self tired.

To pitch up my tent did´nt took long time and then I occupied the roofed camping table and prepared the evening’s dinner.

Late dinner at Mníšek nad Popradom

Tomorrow an other country on my global journey, Slovakia

See Yeah

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Going for Slovakia and Hungary

My first week in Poland was a little bit boring. Dull and straight roads, not everywhere but almost. But above all, the weather was cold and windy and I had to cycle with down/feather gloves most of the time.

My second week was a bit warmer but not less windy, but apparently the spring has  come a little bit further down here.
Nights and early morning still cold.

No problems with mosquitoes at this temperature

After the roads grows typical spring flowers in ditches and blooming trees in the gardens. Best of all is to woke up every morning hearing chirping birds, such sounds are always nice to listen to.

Blooming cherry-trees

Has also seen that some dandelions already begun to spread their seeds. It gives me hope for a brighter and warmer period.

Within a few days I will left Polen for this time and cycling into Slovakia and Hungary, but also probably more mountains and hills to ride over, especially In Slovakia.

So far I have´nt met so many other touring cyclists…Yet, when I do, I’m always get happy . It’s always fun to talk and share information with other like-minded nerds

Must also tell me that my dear companions Kenth and Maggie has finally found each other.

Now they are buddies and joining their time at the lake Jezioro Rożnowskie

Now it´s time to jump on the  saddle and padaling futher to the slovakia border at Mníšek nad Popradom which is also my goal for today… 46 km leftHope the summer has lasted longer as I get closer to Hungary.


Bye Polska. Możemy być postrzegane w innym czasie

See Yeah from Slovakia and Hungary




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My first day in Polen

Sweden good bye for a while, now Polen is waiting and I have no expectations of this country. Never been here before and in the name of honesty I do´nt know much of it either.

The morning light is about to wake up

The ferry trip across the baltic sea did not make me any problems, quite calm on the sea. Into the very central part of  Gdynia I had to cycle 16 km, but since it was early Saturday morning, the traffic was sparse so no problem to cycle into the center.

Antonio Abraham monument a Polish promoter of Pomeranian culturean & Kashubian activist

Parked my bicycle outside a café and then I visit a bookstore for purchasing a detalied map of southern Polen.

Soon after I left the city the drizzle began and it was time to switch to more suitable clothing.

Gdynia and Gdansk are two popular cities for ferry tourists especially from Sweden and soon more or less cohesive city region.
If the traffic intensity was sparse in the morning it was the opposit now. Speedy cars,dense and busy traffic but it also saturday for the Pole, and as if that were not enough lots of road constructions made me and my Garmin Navigator some minor problems.

Well out of Gdansk, the drizzle has deteriorated and now it looks raining ”cats and dogs” , but late afterwards it stopped.

Few km north of  Gmina Subkowy I turned right into a small village road and amongs trees of beech I pitched my tent…. in drizzle!”

Hour is late, and also my dinner preparation.

Few km north Subkowy my first camping dinner in Polen

My first day i Polen ever could have start better.

Tomorrow I plan to reach Torun

See Yeah
// P-G

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Spring comes closer, jetted bathtube, fatal calender blunder and ferry to Gdynia

Almost mid April and clear signs of spring are visible but summer still far away.

Cycling on small dirt roads between villages , which I thought was not on the map, but people lives here in the middle of the wilderness.

In Nässjö, I made a short stop for a toilet visit at a ”Resecentrum” then on the saddle again heading Vetlanda, Astrid Lindgrens dear hometown.

The weather still chilly and the dun gloveds are needed. In Nottebäck I turned into a smal road after a sign to a bathing place. Worth to check up, could be a nice place to camp.

Few cabins, a bathing jetty and some small trees close to the lake was a prefect place to camp at.

The last few hours the weather has become more chilly and soon rain is coming.

Campnight at Lake Madkroken, chilly, windy and drizzel

The lake , Madkroken is in rebellion, the waves bump into the beach edge and it´s very chilly so I make my self hefty campfire to warm me up while I’m eating

While drinking coffe and sips a small glass of whiskey it´s start to drizzle. Before I crawl into my down sleeping bag I pulls over my Surley Long Haul Trucker with a bicycle cover.

I woke up early, thoroughly rested and the cold is noticeable, snow in the air. Before I left I tried to eat some breakfast but it was to cold to make a real one. It will be to stop by the road at some suitable tavern.

Mostly of the trip to Smedby was quite easy despite some headwinds

A few stops after the road for coffe and sandwiches I arrived to Smedby which is located 5-6 km from Kalmar just after three o’clock p.m.

Feel like home, have lived, worked and walked with my dogs here for 14 years, and good warm feelings creep in the body.

Looking up Raab’s road 25 and soon I saw a 185 cm long, unshaved Magnus with his big welcome smile and I’m get happy.

Nine years ago since last time here and that time I would ride to Paris, ”Yippee ki-yay”

Lena comes down as happy and charming as I will ever remember her. Their children is not home Yet, they practising tennis and violin.

We had a very nice evening with waffles, church visits, Mexican dinner, late TV, Notting Hill, ice cream and liqueur.

But I’ll never forget the bath in the jetted bathtub, it was heavenly nice.

 Warm jetted bath worth waiting for

Had been able to stay in the bathtub for several hours without any problems. They have prepered Aaron’s bedroom for me, Aaron himself sleeping with his sister Lisa.It´s is easter and Good friday morning and after a huge breakfast I took farewell and my plans was to visit some other friends , Joy & Tommy, but I had mixed up the weeks wrong.

My dear friends in Smedby

Joy and Tommy had visitors from north of Sweden so I turned opposite direction and pedaling heading the harbor of Värkö and the ferry to Polen instead.

From Kalmar to the Polen ferry at Verkö, Karlshamn is about 90 km, no problems to managed it on one day.

The weather was nice and not so chilly, traffic almost gone, belive that the motorists had switch the car for the broom to Blockula instead.

Half past 4 p.m I cycled into the ferry terminal to Poland. Now is my Sweden journey finished for this time.
Next time on Swedish soil will be sometime early autumn 2019

I bought my ferry ticket and a bed in a double room and got told the ferry leaves 21:00 and arriving Gdynia 09:45.

While the dark is setting down over Verkö bay I steer up my bicycle the angway.Polen and Gdynia next

Now I leave Sweden for a while

By By Sweden and Hello Polen
See Yeah from Polen

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More headwinds and forest paths to Tidaholm

April 11

The night was chilly, breakfast and then off to Skovde, stopping at the Max restaurant and drink coffee.

Just outside the town a road signpost informs me that my planned route to the road 26 does not permit cyclists so I re-route my Garmin GPS computer to find a another road .

Take left towards Paradissjön and then on the narrow, sometimes closed gravel roads, some of them are only forest roads.

This road was closed but not stoped me

Navigate carefully amongs branches, twigs, pine cones and holes, timber piles are common.

Forest road with no traffic, just me, the bike and the rustling forest.

While I was cycling in a relaxed speed, I listen to Lotta Bromé and interview with P-G Gyllenhammar, former CEO of Volvo cars and during interjuven it emerges that at 81 years of age he had just had a baby!!!

Finally I reached Tidaholm and my normal route took over…

After Tidaholm I arriving Habo and from here to Jönkoping through tough slopes in Bankeryd  I cycled on wonderful bike paths.

It’s obvious that I’ve got far south. The spring has progressed further down here then home, and blomming anemones and the coltsfoot grows in the ditch edges.

Soon after 19 pm I cycling into the southermost town of Lake Vättern, Jönköping.

I get immediate positive memories from my time as a student in this city in the late 80’s and early 90´s

Continuing through town without stopping and looking up a suitable place to camp.

I found a nice place in a birch grove by the side of a small road. I pitch up the tent first and then I managed to create evening dinner in front of a fire.
I fall asleep within minutes.

Tomrrow I have planned my bicycle route by narrow, gravel roads and almost car free roads to Tennhult and then to Astrid Lindgrens Vetlanda


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Headwind, The Göta Canal and and friends with flu


Leaving Karlstad whith a little sad moment, but necessary. The weather was Ok , just a little rain. After a while the wind changed to crosswind which meant that my average speed fell dramatically.


Göta Canal locks at Sjötorp

About 22 km north of Marierstad at Sjötorp I crossed one of many locks of Göta Canal. Before I continued towards Mariestad I called Hakan and Birgitta and says…

 – I’m on my way.

Finds out that they are significantly affected by flu and decides that there will be no overnight with them.

The last 22 km went into headwinds character, it was really tough, but after an hour and a half I was in front of Hakan & Birgittas villa

We chatted about past events and Hakan showed his wine project, drank coffee and sandwiches before I headed towards Skövde.

It was really fun to meet them after so long time and we said goodbye with hugs!!!

Just 7-8 km south Mariestad, Käckestad I did camp for the night. I found a place few hundred meters from the road in a forest clearing.

Tomorrow Jönköping


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In Karlstad the sun is always shining


I had four nights in Karlstad, every one of those was special. Together we explored Karlstad by cycle, eating Vietnam food, visited a nature area where we stopped for coffee and cookies. Drank wine and whiskey and just had a good time.

We also did a car drive to Hammarö and the very south of it ,in blown.

My days in the City Of Sun has charged my batteries both physically and mentally, I will definitely return here.

I Love Karlstad

Next day, monday I head for Mariestad and and another friend of mine. Håkan and Birgitta.I leave Karlstad for this time and bicycles towards Mariestad, about 130 km south.

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My first goal, Karlstad is reached

Everything worked as it should, except that I lost the kickstand to my bicycle (Bike Stand).

I have tried to choose roads with little traffic for three reasons, safety, surroundings and silence.
If You have time leave,  the mainroads and look for roads through countryside. Lots of small village with curious people and nice environments to fix your gaze at.

Best road so far is between Edsbyn and down to Furudal. The road that meanders slowly besides the river Voxnan.
This part must also be a heaven for horses and horse owners, these four-legged beautiful animals were everywhere.

Four nights in tents and summer is still far away but my Marmot sleepingbag is worth the cost.

Stayed one night at my sister’s son in Arbrå for shower and carbohydrate food, spaghetti and sauce bolognaise before I pedaling away over the mountain and beside Galvlake to Alfta on wet, soft and groove gravel roads.

Lake Galvsjön halfway between Arbrå and Alfta

The rest of the roads to my firts goal Karlstad only asphalt.

In DalaJärna when I Just finised my coffe,  the female owner asked if I want to have four sandwiches for free and of course I sad Yes and gave her a hug.

35 km futher and 22 km southwest from Vansbro I hit camp in middle of nowhere.

Next day will be a long one on bicycle, because I have planned to reach Karlstad which I also did with lots of headwind and steep hills after Flipstad.

It is still hard to believe I’m now on a solo cycling around the world but I get euphoric feelings in order to be alone, free and independent.

I entered Karlstad early afternoon and cycling around the city for a few hours before i called Marita!

Meeting Marita was very pleasant moment, she was alike, glad and charming, just a little bit older.

Panorama view from apartment

My plans is to stay at her apartment for two or three nights and her condominium located down at the river (Klarälven), and then continue towards Mariestad.See Yeah

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Take Of day

Saturday morning, I woke up well rested and the first thing I did was … how is the weather?

Cloudy and raining with elements of snow, it is reality and You must like it.

Ten a clock from Resecentrum I will start pedaling south and I´ve been told that the local newspaper will be there and also some of my friend to say goodbye and good luck and my feelings they are… Feels Unreal But Exciting.

The short cycle trip from Kenths apartment was unsure, 2 cm of wet snow made the trip risky and in my mind there was only no crash.

Down at the Travel Center waited my colleagues, acquaintances, friends and some lovley F&S friends, far more I expected and it made me happy.

A special friend was also there, my beloved Jussi, an Irish Setter
I will miss you

May 1 2017 I started my journey

Small talks, hugs and some photos then take off.

Peter From the local newspaper follow me the first 10 km for more photos and a last intervju.

Nearly three years I will be one with my bike, it feels unreal but inspiring. Have to pinch my skin to be sure – It’s true.

Everything did well to my first night in tent just outside Härnösand.

Outside Härnösand I pitch up my tent close to a small creek

The only problem was – the ground was frozen and the tent pegs was hard push down, but everything can be solved.

Tomorrow, first Sundsvall then coast road to Norrfjärden where two of my dear friends and workingmates will meet up.

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