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13 November

My flight from Istanbul departs just a few minutes late, at 10:30, heading to Buenos Aires with a passenger and refueling stop in São Paulo.

It’s a long, very long journey. During the flight to São Paulo, I watch three movies, some CNN, and BBC news.

No problems until Buenos Aires.

Tail view landing at Buenos Aires

First, I saw a man with a sign bearing my name, and he told me I needed to retrieve my luggage and check it in again tomorrow. At Arlanda, I was told not to worry about my luggage until Ushuaia. Now, I have a bad feeling about having to pay again for baggage!

The other problem is a very inefficient passport control, more than 1 hour before my turn. The officer, a young girl with purple streaks in her hair, asks me…

Where I live in Buenos Aires?
I tell her that I find it unnecessary since my connecting flight will depart at 06:35 in the morning.

How long will you stay in Argentina?
I explain my trip, and it’s impossible to know exactly.

She asks me to follow her into the office where three officials work in front of computers. She hands over my passport and my printed online ticket to a bearded man in shabby clothes.

After twenty minutes, he starts asking me the same questions I’ve already answered. He also wants to know my hotel in Ushuaia. I gave him the name and address, and he went back to his computer to enter some information.

After that, I got my passport and online ticket back. I take my luggage and head to the X-ray machine. I also find out where to check in tomorrow and then a place for a simple meal and rest.

Sexteen hours on a plain and I’m tired
See Yeah
//The Global Cyclist1 1726

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Time to leave Sweden

November 10-12
I arrived to Arlanda early morning tired …

My luggage and ”Lill Kentha” supervises that everything goes right

and first thing I did was to check how to handle paymernt for my bicycle. Get told not necessary then time for check-in tomorrow.

Booked a cheap apartment hotel, Forenom close to airport but not accessable until 4pm. Enter a bus to Stocholm just for fun and to pass the time.

Lyko open a new shop at Drottinggatan. Thousands youth show some intrerest

Some problem to get a keycode for my room, but after a bit of a struggle with the staff, my reservation was found.

The room is fresh, clean, and has a view of the airport. I’m enjoying a purchased meal and a beer while watching Doobido. I set the alarm for 06:15 and have decided to have breakfast at Radisson Blue tomorrow morning. The terminal bus also stops right outside their entrance.

View from my hotelroom over Arlanda airport

I fall asleep like a log at 11:30 PM.

The breakfast was great and no problem to terminal 5. I was first in the que and no probs to check in. All of my luggage except the backpack was classified as special luggage, and I had to pay 2213 SEK for the bike! Twice as expensive as when I booked the trip in August.

Best of all I don’t have to worry about the luggage until I land in the world’s southernmost city, Ushuaia. Worth a lot!

The flight was easy and quick and a short taxi trip to my hotel, Main Airport. Tomorrow 10.25 am I’m in the air to Buenos Aires, 12 hours.

Waiting for bording and wathch my bicycle box still intact

New mosque close to Istanbul Airport

See yeah later from Buenos Aires
//The Global Cyclist 1726





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