Lima para pies

My feet also need some care, tight shoes, heat, and they work a lot. I try to find a store in Manuales that sells foot files… but no luck. In the end, I find a hardware store, and they should have sandpaper at least.

Einhell 150mm slipskiva för Tc-us 400 X 3u slipmaskin

papel de lija or sandpaper

I explain in English what I need, using gestures, and they understand and laugh, but shake their heads. So, it turns into sandpaper that the owner retrieves from their storage. Two round discs that I purchase.

Förhårdnader på fötterna är inte bara av ondo | MåBra

: Not my feet. Some Chileans have lent
their feet for observation.

Then back to my tent at the campground, I cut the two round sandpapers into 8 equally sized pieces. Then, I start gently sanding my feet and toenails, and they seem to be turning out quite okay.

What one doesn’t do when necessity requires help! a proverb that my beloved mother 💗 always told me

I also took a walk in the park, ”walk about” and I discovered that summer here is most likely like home. warm and hot days and chilly in the nights

Summer in Chile and Manuales is almost like home in Sweden

No name, Nobody knows?

No Name, someone who knows?

Manuales has a very nice park , quite big several acres for visitors to join

Wood art in the park

During my cycle journey especially from El Chalten and north the quantity and spread of lupins are huge. They are everywhere, and down here, they are not considered invasive species but rather used as a beneficial plant.

Lupines can be very beautiful


See Yeah Later
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