Has slept as well as possible despite the choice of my campsite beside the motorway and no rain.
Madness and crazy, but a fun experience in the end.

Today I’m going to cross the Slovenian border into Hungary. No checking, just passing the borderline.

Maybe a new bicycle cart worth a try

After 70 km, heavy headwinds after dull road and many sunflower fields, has forgotten how many…

Hungary is widely known for their sunflower fields – they are everywhere

…I cycled into Miskolc few minutes after 12.

The first thing I did was look for a cafe and found severals after the shopping street.
While I was sitting in the afternoon sunshine drinking my coffe and beer I send a inquiry to a couchsurfing service for a one night bed or two!

Expected no response at all but within quarter I recived an answer from a person calling himself Chris.
He was positive and told me this very night was´nt possible but next one. His real name was Ugochukwu Anigu and we decided for a short meet outside Tesco Express tomorrow afternoon.

We switched mobilephone numbers and e-mails and he also gave me a brief description of where he lived. Has never tried this kind of accommodation before, so it will be a surprise.

When I cycled into Miskolc, I saw a tourist info poster  about The Avas which is a hill of volcanic origin and also a landmark for Miskolc. This visit have to wait until tomorrow morning.

After my coffebreak I searched for a hotel and no problem to find one.
Rest of afternoon I cycled aorund the citycenter, left my bicyclefor servivce with promise it would be finished before 15 p.m next day.
Later in evening I took a walkabout for eveningmeal and few beers.

See yeah tomorrow
// P-G