June 6

From my tentplace at Cal Rosal to the France border I have to fight 75 km,  but first I’ll need to make my way to Berga and have a late breakfast there.

6 km and 200 meters altitude difference later I cycle into a very steep town.

Berga town

It is small ,but at the moment it seems to be lively visited by tourists. I found a cafe uptown which also has tables across the street after a boardwalk. I bring my food bag with me and pick up bread, yogurt, cheese and ham.

While eating my breakfast I also check out the route to the French border andPuigcerdà. Over 50 km and 600 meters altitude difference I have to cope with. Gonna be a tough route.

Old houses in Berga

After about 30 km cycling towards the franc border It became a stop after the road. A landslide had caused an accident and the police stopped all traffic.

They urge everyone to take another way but for me as a biker I have to take a bus . I not allowed to cycle through the tunnels, but the busride was of course free of charge.

Lots of beautiful village after the road upp o Puigcereda, this village, with the fitting name ALP.

Two hours later the bus let me of at the train station in Puigcereda. After quick coffe break and a new navigation
check I’m on the bike again.

I did not know they played hockey up here. But a French guy told me that Puigcereda ’s hockey team is in the Spanish league!

Finding the route out of town to the Bourg-Madame, the first village in France. Then a long slope before I get into
Saillagouse. A new coffe break at a roadbar before next climbing up to the top, about 4 km.

In the slope down to the next valley I saw a service place with green spots where I could pitch up my tent.

Coll Rigat, my first tentplace in France

See yea later from France
//The Global Cyclist 1719