November 10

Outside it is dark and gray; November is the month that most Swedes find challenging. The little snow that has fallen does little to brighten the darkness. ☹️…but soon I will meet my second summer in 4 months!! 🌞 😃

Faresta dressed in autumn fog

Tonight, 22:34, I’m on the train to Arlanda to prepare the flight to Land of Fire and Ushuaia. I have serious anxiety trips. I am looking forward to discovering South America from a bicycle saddle.

The apartment is almost completely empty, with only floor cleaning left to do. . 💓

Dear friends took me for a Salmom dinner at ”Three Bothers restaurant”

Additionally, I have an incredibly kind neighbor who is always there to help when I ask. 👍 He has allowed me to store my furniture and belongings in a large, warm room at a cost that is almost close to free. 😍

On the eve of my departure tonight, I was invited to another dinner, this time by Gordon’s owner, master, and children.

There were drinks, pork with root vegetables and wedged potatoes with whisky sauce, coffee, cookies that the children had made, and then an amazingly good whisky.

Afterward, another dear friend, Enso’s owner, came to drive me and all my luggage down to the train station.
The dog is truly a human’s best friend… and I love dogs

See Yeah later
//The Global Cyclist 1726