Had some nice relaxing days in Temuco. In addition, I have now fixed a new tire with Kevlar, then now the small razor sharp wires will get again.

In addition, a new chain, a new cassette at the rear and a front cranc set.

New chain, rear cassett and front cranc set

I feel that a bike trip to the Capital is out of the question. Flu in the body, the heat and the physical strain are too risky. The receptionist will help me book a bus trip.
She can do it in 15 minutes and the departure will be at 12:00 on Tuesday with the Pullman tour from terminal Rodoviario.

The night before departure, I feel that my choice was correct. It was hard to sleep continuously and I had also lost my appetite.

Then into the breakfast room to force myself to eat some food. Bread, butter, cheese, yogurt with cereal and strawberries and some kind of scrambled eggs. Coffee and two small biscuits went down. Then I continue to pack the bike and leave just before half past ten.

Finding the terminal was no match just follow the street for the hotel located, Manuel Busnes up to the main thoroughfare and take a right. Then 2 km and left and terminal Rodoviario lay in front of me.

Arrive 2 hours before departure so I have time to check that everything is OK. The bus departs just 5-10 minutes after noon.

Outside there is not a cloud in the sky and the heat outside is actually a bit annoying. The heat fluctuates between 30 and 36 degrees during the day, no bike ride exactly!!
In Santiago de Chile I have booked a few nights at BBCasita-Bed and Breakfast-Hostel. 96 SEK, 0r 8,5 € or 8400 CLP  per night including breakfast.

After nine hours in a bus without any stop for water, coffe or soda I was more then tired. Took a cab and gave him the name and address, BBCasita Hostel Almirante Montt 465.

Taxi cab to my hostel

It took him almost one hour. Short before 10 pm i stepped into the hostel reception.

BBCasita Bed and Breakfast entrance

BBCasita Bed And Breakfast sign

One thing for sure, the photos BBCasita share on Internet does’nt show the reality of their standard. They have’nt changed them since they open for the firt time, but the price is cheap, 8,5 € or 8365 CLP.

Room on second floor in a four bed room, and it looks OK for me. I fell asleep before midnight.

See yeah 
// The Global Cyclist 1726