From Beziers I follow the Canal du Midi and it was a nice surprise. The Canal also named as  Canal de las Doas Mars, meaning a canal of the two seas, is a 240 km (150 mi) long canal in Southern France

Locks at Bezier

Ther canal is quite old, around mid or 1780.After the canal lie lots of small boats by the river bank, some of them for tourists but also home for others.

Lots of boats lies by the riverbank

French tourist and bicycle authorities have really done a really good job which continued to maintain the canal and also provide the canalroute with a
cycle path 🫶💓👍

This Canal has sections, parts so beautiful so I had to stop, just breading the atmosphere…

The cyclepath is mostly packed with gravel either or paved, but some parts are very tight and on some short lines it growing back…