3-7 December, El Calafate- La Leona

I arrived into El Calafate aftert midnight, outside it was totally black. I packed my bicycle and then cycled around to find a grren pot to pitch up my  tent. I thought I found one but a car with flashing red-blue lights show up. It was the local police. They banned me to camp , it was to dangwerous they said…. Try bus termina!

Just to face a follow the local rules so I cyclewd back to bust terminal trying to get some vhours sleep. At the bus terminal, several others had made the same decision… to stay overnight until all hostels and hotels opened.

I got barely three hours of sleep before being awakened by the hustle of bus tourists arriving. Checked Hotel.com for a cheap hostel and found Hostel Titan just about 4 km outside the city center. Booked two nights for $22, including breakfast.

The hostel looked more like a hotel, spacious, elegant furniture, clean and well-maintained. Upstairs, there was a dining room and a pub, both quite luxurious.

Hostel Titan Receptiobn


Hostel Titan dinning room and pub

Kitchen part

The problem was that the hostel hadn’t received my booking despite Hotel.com notifying them. It got resolved after half a day.

As a goodwill gesture for all the hassle, I got to join the hostel’s tour to Perito Moreno

Perito Moreno glacier

Strangely enough, I think the problem was worth it.

My next goal isa El Chalten  which lies about 220 km north and by Ruta 40. I checked the weather reports several times, and they promised sunny and warm weather.

Feels really nice, so now I can skip long pants, a warm sweater, and a jacket. Instead, it’ll be 3/4 pants and cycling jerseys.
The wind is also supposed to die down, just 5-7 m/s. Dealing with a bit of headwind is something I’m calculating in.

I had very relaxing time in El Calafate. The town is busy with tourists, crowdy everywere. The day for heading El Chalten the sky is clear blue and I got tailwind my first 35 km. I turned left from Ruta 11 into Ruta  40 and close to the junction a couple from Switzerland has stoped for rest.

They heading El Calafate. Aftervsome small talks I continoue north facing some bheadwind. The sun was warming up and regardless the headwind it was quite veasy cyclingm, I’ve had worse than this. I feel also like my arms are going to get sunburned today.

Crossing Rio Santa Cruz blue-green water

Curious Indians wanted to try my bike. Was about to end up crashing… How heavy it is, he exclaimed

Later in the evening I stoped for water refilling at a lonley house after the road.
They also invited me for coffe and some cakes

Now n the late afternoon I got some tailwind so I continoue cycling futher while I had this wind in my back. When the clock struck almost 8:30 I saw the mythical house Pink House, here there will be camping tonight, but not indoors.
It is quite a different place. Just a rather ugly squat that is covered with graffiti from cyclists from all over the world. It’s is more than worn.
Still, it is shelter from the wind and the nearby river is a source of water with which to wash and it is, for whatever reason, a landmark for touring cyclists I didn’t sleep inside, pitch up my tent outside, find it more nice


The Pink House after Ruta 40

See Yeah Later

// The Global Cyclist 1726