December 1-2

From Puerto Natales first nice and easy cycling, then sidewind like no others so far. upon that a long slope uptil Chile bordercontrol into Argentina and then even longer uphill to the Argentine border control in Rio Turbio.

I stopped in town för coffe and sandwich which become a whole dinner . I was needed to ask for a bag to take with me half the sandwich. From here to El Calafaten the road is road winds in an arc and stretches out into a desolate and flat landscape. Nothing to see, just desolate, spme cows and sheeps thats all. But the road was pretty flat.

Camped 65 km east of Rio Turbio amongs dead or half dead trees to avoid the strongest wind.

Distans: 64,57 km
Average Speed: 11,4 km/h
Max Speed: 50,0 km/h
Cycling Time:05:34 h/m
Total Time:06:48 h/m
Medium Temp: 10,0 C
Max Temp: 19,0 C
Min Temp: 02,0 C

The morning after, headed towards El Calafate. I stopped at a police station in the middle of the wilderness. Asked for water, charging for my phone, and was offered to sit down eatiung for own coffee with a sandwich.
Tapi Aiki policestation in the middle of nowhere

Tapi Akie policestation officer who let me sit down while eating a sandwich and drinking coffe.

Then set off, initially on a gravel road that was supposed to be a  shortcut. The crosswind slowed me down and it was to risky for a crash. Back onto the main road, heading towards Esperanza. A detour of 70 km. Now I have a tailwind like crazy. Some sections at 30-40 km/h or more

Ruta 4o between Rio Turbio and Esperanza. Mostly total flat. This part some km from Tapi Akie

Arrived Esperanza just before 4:00 PM. Here, I’m supposed to turn left and encounter a hellish headwind and crosswind. The police stop both me and four motorcyclists from heading towards El Calafate. The risk of accidents is evident. The motorcyclists have to wait for the wind to decrease. I have to take a bus if I want to leave today or tomorrow. While waiting I stepped into the bar and just wait.

Distans: 121,89 km
Average Speed: 21,89km/h
Max Speed: 33,5 km/h
Cycling Time:06,02 h/m
Total Time:10:05 h/m
Medum Temp: 10,0 C
Max Temp: 18,0 C
Min temp 02,0 C

See yeah Later

//The Global Cyclist 1726