16-20 January

I left Puerto Montt late 10 AM and my front wheel rim is fixed. Yhe ay out of Puerto Montt was step and busy and it drizzled. After 8-9 km I got my first puncture during this trip. A huge shoppingcenter cross the road had to become my repair place. After lunch the sun has woke up and I eas necessery to undress my rain clothes. When I come to junction to Puerto Varas I noticed that here lives those who are a little better off well-ordered. The houses are well built, the lawns neat and mowed and quite clean after the road.

My plan to day is to camp close to Las Cascadas and so far everything sems to follow my plan. Late afternoon a short break for coffe and cookie at a cozy cafe.
Next stop at Ensenada for water refilling and just 20m km to my planned campplace and the sun is still shinning.

Short break Esenada and Lago de Llanquihue

View over Lago de Llanquihue on my way to Las Cascadas

The surrandings is more than beautiful and Lago de Llanquihue is magnificent to follow especially to view vulcano Osorno in the background.

Osorno Vulcano

Around 7.15 pm , few km from Las Cascadas I saw a campingplace but I was bold enough to continue and search for a path down to the lake, which I did.
The spot where I then pitched the tent had a beautiful view of Lago de Llanquihue, and the sun was setting… a truly wonderful sight and experience.

View over Lago de Llanquihue from my tent


Sunset at my tentcamp at Las Cascadas, can’t be better

Woke up quite satisfied after yesterdays cycling and and I have no intention of today’s cycling getting any worse. Not much of headwind and the slopes are manageable. The only thing I worried about is all the garbages from truck tires.
From experience I know that there can be thin, razor-sharp steel wires on the road.

Osorno was just a town to pass, After some problems with navigation I found my way out. The traffic ws busy and the heat was little to much. After 25 km it was time to looking for a place to pitch up my red Hilleberg Allak 2 tent.

San Pablo junction´tentcamp

First I cycled into San Pablo villages but did’nt find any good place, but just close to the junction I saw a hilloc with green spots and a fence to lock up my bike at…. looks perfect and views over all traffics.17 January
Next morning I was ready to leave early but after I’ve packed all my stuff into my bags I discover an empty rear tire… Swearing…, and then off with all the bags to change the tube. Delayed me by 45 minutes.

I did some small breaks  or coffe and rest, first in Paillaco and a longer one in Los Lagos. There were several roadworks that are usually annoying, but these turned out to be only positive… for me. Half the road was blocked off with cones, and I could take advantage of that part for myself. No traffic to handle!. When the time shows 6 pm I saw a COPEC gasstation head of me. <<

As soon as I saw it, I thought, here’s a camping spot. Seen similar places before and knew that opportunity often exists.

COPEC is a Chilean energy and forestry company with a chain of gas stations throughout Chile and they are well-stocked, possibility of coffee, cakes, sandwiches and soft drinks, tables outside for guests and of course free WiFi with good connections.

At many stations they also have access to toilets and in this case shower facilities. Note that many truck drivers stop at these gas stations and sleep over or rest.
Only  a few meters away a green and clean place with lots of trees and some wooden benches. I pitch up my tent and then I went up to the service building and used the toilet, laundry, and shower facilities.

Followed by a cappuccino outside at some of the tables, muffins from my provision bag, and took advantage of the free WiFi. All free, except for the Italian version of coffee. In the parking lot, there are probably 5-6 big trucks, and young people from the nearby community had shown up. Apparently, this place is a gathering point for many.

January 18
During the night I woke up shortly several times when trucks was coming in or leave. I got up in the morning and planned to have my breakfast and use the service station’s tables and the nearby dishwashing facilities.

I only manage to steer the bike a few meters when I notice my second flat tire. This time, it’s the front tire that is empty. I have to unpack and change the inner tube. Once again, it’s a short needle-sharp steel wire that caused the puncture. Pretty certain it has to do with the retreading of the truck tires coming loose. Seems like I’m doomed to leave before half-past ten.

To Temuco it’s 11o km and no headwind, Only one stop for coffebreak and water refilling. Everything seems to fit my plan to day, heading Temuco bedore half-past five. 30 km left I felt that my rear wheel starting wobbling a little and I knew exactly what that meant.

Old cars and a plain to watch.

and a swedish Volvo Amazon

I took out the bicycle pump, as the hole seemed very small, and pumped it up. This maneuver lasted for 4-5 km, and I had to use the pump again. When I pumped up the rear tire for the fourth time, I realized I had to replace it. A COPEC gas station, 20 km from Temuco with a restaurant, became the location for this.

puncture for third time in three days occutred by retreading of the truck tires

puncture for third time in three days occutred by retreading of the truck tires

There were already about a hundred people sitting both inside and outside, enjoying the summer heat while eating. The same cause of puncture this time, and I realized that I need to get a better tire with Kevlar protection.I arrived in Temuco shortly after five and crossed a mighty bridge over the Rio Cautin river. I had previously booked a hostel in the city through Hotels.com.

Crossing river Rio Cautin in Temuco

Bulls and wagon full with cochayuy. I saw severals of them i town

I had paid, but the hostel girl on the phone didn’t want to acknowledge any reservation, despite me providing the booking number…🤬

I had to make a new attempt, this time with a real hotel, although I had to search for a while before finding one with a good price, Hotel Frontera Plaza. Moreover, it was quite centrally located, near Plaza De Armas Anibal Pinto.

Trying to get hold of someone at Hotels.com is impossible unless you want to call, of course. The frustrating part is that my Chilean Movistar SIM card doesn’t allow me to make international calls if I bought my phone abroad and besides, they have closed for the day. Email is not something they know about.

See Yeah Later
// The Global Cyclist 1726