My first week in Poland was a little bit boring. Dull and straight roads, not everywhere but almost. But above all, the weather was cold and windy and I had to cycle with down/feather gloves most of the time.

My second week was a bit warmer but not less windy, but apparently the spring has  come a little bit further down here.
Nights and early morning still cold.

No problems with mosquitoes at this temperature

After the roads grows typical spring flowers in ditches and blooming trees in the gardens. Best of all is to woke up every morning hearing chirping birds, such sounds are always nice to listen to.

Blooming cherry-trees

Has also seen that some dandelions already begun to spread their seeds. It gives me hope for a brighter and warmer period.

Within a few days I will left Polen for this time and cycling into Slovakia and Hungary, but also probably more mountains and hills to ride over, especially In Slovakia.

So far I have´nt met so many other touring cyclists…Yet, when I do, I’m always get happy . It’s always fun to talk and share information with other like-minded nerds

Must also tell me that my dear companions Kenth and Maggie has finally found each other.

Now they are buddies and joining their time at the lake Jezioro Rożnowskie

Now it´s time to jump on the  saddle and padaling futher to the slovakia border at Mníšek nad Popradom which is also my goal for today… 46 km leftHope the summer has lasted longer as I get closer to Hungary.


Bye Polska. Możemy być postrzegane w innym czasie

See Yeah from Slovakia and Hungary