Sweden good bye for a while, now Polen is waiting and I have no expectations of this country. Never been here before and in the name of honesty I do´nt know much of it either.

The morning light is about to wake up

The ferry trip across the baltic sea did not make me any problems, quite calm on the sea. Into the very central part of  Gdynia I had to cycle 16 km, but since it was early Saturday morning, the traffic was sparse so no problem to cycle into the center.

Antonio Abraham monument a Polish promoter of Pomeranian culturean & Kashubian activist

Parked my bicycle outside a café and then I visit a bookstore for purchasing a detalied map of southern Polen.

Soon after I left the city the drizzle began and it was time to switch to more suitable clothing.

Gdynia and Gdansk are two popular cities for ferry tourists especially from Sweden and soon more or less cohesive city region.
If the traffic intensity was sparse in the morning it was the opposit now. Speedy cars,dense and busy traffic but it also saturday for the Pole, and as if that were not enough lots of road constructions made me and my Garmin Navigator some minor problems.

Well out of Gdansk, the drizzle has deteriorated and now it looks raining ”cats and dogs” , but late afterwards it stopped.

Few km north of  Gmina Subkowy I turned right into a small village road and amongs trees of beech I pitched my tent…. in drizzle!”

Hour is late, and also my dinner preparation.

Few km north Subkowy my first camping dinner in Polen

My first day i Polen ever could have start better.

Tomorrow I plan to reach Torun

See Yeah
// P-G