Leaving Karlstad whith a little sad moment, but necessary. The weather was Ok , just a little rain. After a while the wind changed to crosswind which meant that my average speed fell dramatically.


Göta Canal locks at Sjötorp

About 22 km north of Marierstad at Sjötorp I crossed one of many locks of Göta Canal. Before I continued towards Mariestad I called Hakan and Birgitta and says…

 – I’m on my way.

Finds out that they are significantly affected by flu and decides that there will be no overnight with them.

The last 22 km went into headwinds character, it was really tough, but after an hour and a half I was in front of Hakan & Birgittas villa

We chatted about past events and Hakan showed his wine project, drank coffee and sandwiches before I headed towards Skövde.

It was really fun to meet them after so long time and we said goodbye with hugs!!!

Just 7-8 km south Mariestad, Käckestad I did camp for the night. I found a place few hundred meters from the road in a forest clearing.

Tomorrow Jönköping