April 11

The night was chilly, breakfast and then off to Skovde, stopping at the Max restaurant and drink coffee.

Just outside the town a road signpost informs me that my planned route to the road 26 does not permit cyclists so I re-route my Garmin GPS computer to find a another road .

Take left towards Paradissjön and then on the narrow, sometimes closed gravel roads, some of them are only forest roads.

This road was closed but not stoped me

Navigate carefully amongs branches, twigs, pine cones and holes, timber piles are common.

Forest road with no traffic, just me, the bike and the rustling forest.

While I was cycling in a relaxed speed, I listen to Lotta Bromé and interview with P-G Gyllenhammar, former CEO of Volvo cars and during interjuven it emerges that at 81 years of age he had just had a baby!!!

Finally I reached Tidaholm and my normal route took over…

After Tidaholm I arriving Habo and from here to Jönkoping through tough slopes in Bankeryd  I cycled on wonderful bike paths.

It’s obvious that I’ve got far south. The spring has progressed further down here then home, and blomming anemones and the coltsfoot grows in the ditch edges.

Soon after 19 pm I cycling into the southermost town of Lake Vättern, Jönköping.

I get immediate positive memories from my time as a student in this city in the late 80’s and early 90´s

Continuing through town without stopping and looking up a suitable place to camp.

I found a nice place in a birch grove by the side of a small road. I pitch up the tent first and then I managed to create evening dinner in front of a fire.
I fall asleep within minutes.

Tomrrow I have planned my bicycle route by narrow, gravel roads and almost car free roads to Tennhult and then to Astrid Lindgrens Vetlanda