When You reading this blogg  I’ve left Hungary for Romania and a new chapter in my cycling calender will be  started. I’ll never been i Romania with my bicycle Before,  so for me it’s exciting.

The first town I get into is Oradea and when I did that I realeased I been on my global journey now for one month and I still enjoy it.

Oradea Square, big, magnific and Clean. If You never visit Oradea make it tru. Because this town is an attration

My experience of Romania is that the people here are more friendly to those like me.

They are curious, questionable and helpful, but their language skills in English could be better.

Romania is also more hilly than Hungary, lots of slopes every day but it’s worth it.

My next stop for relaxing will be in the capitiol of Romania Bukarest were I also have planned a vistit at Swedish ambasey.I need a Swedish flag because I forgot to bring it with me Before I left Sweden.

Horses just before their work for today.This view is everyday for many in the Romanian l countryside. Everyone can not afford tractors

Romaina is beautiful, hilly and excating, Everything else is not true

Soon they may be three or more in the family. Too bad that our farm in Sweden does not provide space for these beautiful birds.

They were beeging for money and food and I feelt so sad about it, but they were glad and effervescent.

What can we do about it

Before Bukarest I took a trip to Bran a the castle were the myth of Dracula began. All stories about

Dracula is fairy tales but nevertheless exciting story.

Dracula myth began at this castel

Torture room , still going strong…? (pic)

Most of the stories about Dracula is fairy tales, but of course You must visit it.

I stayed in Bran and around the castle most of the day and I did not left Bran until 4.30 P.M

Curious, oblivious and very cute girl in Bran (pic)

Curious, oblivious and very cute girl in Bran. The father seem to be very proud over his doughter

The first two km out from Bran was easy but then a very steep and long climbing started

After 11 km uphill I stoped for water and just admire the view some was something very special

I love cows (pic)

Next stop in Bukarest at a hostel don´t worth the name. Bad service, loudly and dirty but cheep.

I found the Swedish embassy after 8 km Walking. Even though I arrived after closing time (open only  10-12) I get entered to embassy by a beautiful, dark-haired, nice Romanian woman who search up a Swedish flag among the belongings in the basement and handed it over to me.

Now I’m Swedish for real (pic)

Outside of my hostel window, there was a party and it’s bothered me all nights. That’s the price I have to pay if  I  choose a hostel like this

Two days in Bukaret is enough for me and then 150 km to the Bulgarien border. Quite easy ride, tailwind and fine weather.

Giurgiu is the Is a Romanian city on one side of the Danube which constitutes the border. and on oposite side is Ruse located

Some km frpm croosing Donau into Bulgaria ( pic)

Me, and the ladystaty at the entrance  to Giurgiu (pic)

Stalin build this bridge 1954 ( maybe not himself , but probably a number of underpaid workers) (pic)

Exactyl in the middle of the bridge between Romania and Bulgaria (pic)

Soon my sixth country whitin 6 weeks and Bulgaria will also be an experience for me.

See Yah from Bulgaria

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