May 7


Outside Arpasu de Jos I had found a quiet place to pitch my tent

The First I met next morning was a local man with a bucket filled with snails, maybe for selling them to the fancy restaurant in Bukarest, who knows ?

Did not say much, probably because he could´t speak english

It doesn’t look tasty… but at the fancy restaurant maybe

The weather is cloudy but warm and I have good hopes that the gray blanket of the sky wants to crack and become a little more sunny

My first stop this Sunday was in Făgăraş, lots of traffic and people time off from work everywhere in town. After the mainroad a café become my break. Coffe and navigation planning  and cross the street a magnificent  church or cathedral Outside people dressed up steps into the church for high mass.

In Romania Orthodox cathedrals is common and and they are majestic where they are standing, inside as well

After my coffee break I did those people company, visit the hig mass.

Well attended High Mass in Făgăraş 

I have never seen and experienced Romania from a bicycle saddle before but it has been very positive.
Romania is up and down, valleys, mountains, nice rural areas and cozy small villages and so far I´m  very pleased what I´ve seen.The time has past 3 p.m and now heading Codlea where I´m planning to stop for food shopping, I’ve run out of coffee and bread.

Last 20 km after a small narrow road to Zărneşti and then an even narrower and much more crooked road towards Tohanu Nou… but very beautiful.

Zărnești filed and soon for camp and only 7 km to Bran

Big green fields, majestic mountains in background and the sun is shining. Few km from Tohanu Nou on a small hill with some grazed sheep, an elderly shepherd and his dog become my tentplace for tonight.

Tomorrow not more then 7 km to the castle Bran… and count Dracula

See Yeah
// P-G