24 November 
Today one  month to chrismas and I’m headning norhtwest towards Puerto Natales and the glaciers. It’s a trip on the bike between 245-266 km from Punta Arenas where I been the last two days. Backpackers Paradise hostel was my place,

Things that worried me most was the wind, not for today but satuerday when I’m on the saddle again!

Stormy Weather in Punta Arenas

Man problems to stand upright

Man problems to stand upright

Yesterday it was so windy so it was even difficult to walk. I saw hats and caps blowing around. People sometimes had to hold on to poles.

Weather forcast has promised better condition tomorrow, god bless they have done a proper forcast!

I'm planning for two maybe three days on the roads to Puerto Natales, all depends on the weather, especially depends on how much it will blow and whether it is a headwind or tailwind.

Good preparation is necessery to fight wind and 250 km

My route and altitude profile

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