22 November

My Motorola call 06:15 and all bags on the bike. I just need to get dressed and jump on the bikle to cycle 7 km to ferry harbor.

Early morning ride to ferry harbor in Porvenir

Aftert two hours on the strait of Magellan Puenta Arenas is close.

I will stay in Punta Arenas some day for planning my next goal. I’ve not decided yet if I go for Torres del Pain or El Calafate. I don’t want to miss the chance to see the glaciers.

Before I choose a hostel, Backpackers Paradise I just ”walk about” for copuple of hours. Something that makes me sad is all of stray dogs leing here and there.

Stray dog gets some rest

Many of them don’t seem to be undernourished, so at least they get food, but it can’t help I get sad. My thoughts goes direkt to Jussi 💓, Enso 💓 and Gordon 💓 at home and of course little Algot 💓.