21 December
Day before Day before Christmas Eve

While I been camping here in Cochran I’ve seen other cyclists also with panniers but not so heavy loaded like my bicycle so I decided to do anything about it.
What do I need every day, what Can I avoid and buy later?

DO I need three trousers and jackets plus rain cloth and some shirts and T-shirts?

Is it necessary to carry around three hard drives when you can use USB memorys for 500 GB?

Does it also make sense to have three maps in the handlebar bag when there’s Maps.Me, Locus, and Google Maps to use?

No, No and No.

I put out all my gears and stuff on the lawn and made six different piles. Four pannier piles, one North Face bag pile and the sixth one for equipment to send home!

It became 8,9 kilogram and lots of space over in the panniers and bag and much easier to manage.

Why is’ so hard to learn that you never need all stuff you pack? It’s typical of me, ”might be good to have just in case… etc.”

Merry Christmas from Chile

See Yeah Later
// The Global Cyclist 1726