21 November

I have slept well but noticed that the weather has changed from windy to rainy and back. The sky outside is gray, really gray, with a worrisome crosswind. The fisherman’s dogs are barking and going crazy when he feeds the pigs he has at the back of one of his metal sheds.

I also get several visits from them. It’s so windy that I find it difficult to take down the tent under orderly conditions. Cycling is going to be devilish today, 50 km to Porvenir and plenty of hills to fight against. My GPS has show me whats I have to fight with.



A little bit hilly, headwind, bumps, gravel, rain and loose stones and I can’t do anything about it.

my neighbor, fisherman, dog owner and pig breeder

My roads surface for today

Moreover, I’m afraid I’ll miss the last ferry of the day to Punta Arenas. It departs around 3 PM.

Even though I get to experience things and places that most people I know will never come close to, I believe!

Sometimes the sun breaks through and the wind disappears, but only for a few minutes. No time for changing to shorts!

Down there lies Strait of Magellan and not so far to Porvenir

When I’m done with the tough hills and down by the Magellan Strait, I suddenly get a smooth road… Concrete surface, yippee ki yay and only 10 km left to Porvenir.

What did he say ”Saltkråkans Melker”…. This day a life

Distans: 48,2 km
Average Speed: 10,7 km/h
Max Speed: 43,1 km/h
Cycling Time:04,29 h/m
Total Time:07:38 h/m
Medium Temp: 10,0 C
Max Temp: 24,0 C
Min Temp: 05,0 C

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