Almost mid April and clear signs of spring are visible but summer still far away.

Cycling on small dirt roads between villages , which I thought was not on the map, but people lives here in the middle of the wilderness.

In Nässjö, I made a short stop for a toilet visit at a ”Resecentrum” then on the saddle again heading Vetlanda, Astrid Lindgrens dear hometown.

The weather still chilly and the dun gloveds are needed. In Nottebäck I turned into a smal road after a sign to a bathing place. Worth to check up, could be a nice place to camp.

Few cabins, a bathing jetty and some small trees close to the lake was a prefect place to camp at.

The last few hours the weather has become more chilly and soon rain is coming.

Campnight at Lake Madkroken, chilly, windy and drizzel

The lake , Madkroken is in rebellion, the waves bump into the beach edge and it´s very chilly so I make my self hefty campfire to warm me up while I’m eating

While drinking coffe and sips a small glass of whiskey it´s start to drizzle. Before I crawl into my down sleeping bag I pulls over my Surley Long Haul Trucker with a bicycle cover.

I woke up early, thoroughly rested and the cold is noticeable, snow in the air. Before I left I tried to eat some breakfast but it was to cold to make a real one. It will be to stop by the road at some suitable tavern.

Mostly of the trip to Smedby was quite easy despite some headwinds

A few stops after the road for coffe and sandwiches I arrived to Smedby which is located 5-6 km from Kalmar just after three o’clock p.m.

Feel like home, have lived, worked and walked with my dogs here for 14 years, and good warm feelings creep in the body.

Looking up Raab’s road 25 and soon I saw a 185 cm long, unshaved Magnus with his big welcome smile and I’m get happy.

Nine years ago since last time here and that time I would ride to Paris, ”Yippee ki-yay”

Lena comes down as happy and charming as I will ever remember her. Their children is not home Yet, they practising tennis and violin.

We had a very nice evening with waffles, church visits, Mexican dinner, late TV, Notting Hill, ice cream and liqueur.

But I’ll never forget the bath in the jetted bathtub, it was heavenly nice.

 Warm jetted bath worth waiting for

Had been able to stay in the bathtub for several hours without any problems. They have prepered Aaron’s bedroom for me, Aaron himself sleeping with his sister Lisa.It´s is easter and Good friday morning and after a huge breakfast I took farewell and my plans was to visit some other friends , Joy & Tommy, but I had mixed up the weeks wrong.

My dear friends in Smedby

Joy and Tommy had visitors from north of Sweden so I turned opposite direction and pedaling heading the harbor of Värkö and the ferry to Polen instead.

From Kalmar to the Polen ferry at Verkö, Karlshamn is about 90 km, no problems to managed it on one day.

The weather was nice and not so chilly, traffic almost gone, belive that the motorists had switch the car for the broom to Blockula instead.

Half past 4 p.m I cycled into the ferry terminal to Poland. Now is my Sweden journey finished for this time.
Next time on Swedish soil will be sometime early autumn 2019

I bought my ferry ticket and a bed in a double room and got told the ferry leaves 21:00 and arriving Gdynia 09:45.

While the dark is setting down over Verkö bay I steer up my bicycle the angway.Polen and Gdynia next

Now I leave Sweden for a while

By By Sweden and Hello Polen
See Yeah from Polen