This is the day I for first time in my life to have possibility to watch and see penguines in real life…WOW

Route to Punihuil and Pengiuneras

First a ride for about 60 km to Punta Cornel and ferry over to the isle. Then a half hour stop
at Chacao for coffe and visting some souvenir shops.

On this isle the roads are very narrow, winding and up and down but beautiful. Seems to be a very rural area, cows everywhere.

Next stop at Ancoud for about an hour. I visited a museum and a beautiful church, took a stroll down by the harbor before heading to the bus.

We continues afte more narrow and winding roads and still very beautiful surrandnings.

Ancoud Church

This restaurant was closed for some reason, wonder why

Isles around Punihuíl and Penghiuneras beach and shore


More of them

and more, they are so cute

Sea Lions on the very top of the isle

Before we left a dinner bat a restaurant the a wlk up to a pounting view

This day was something extra for me and I was both tired and excited. We was back in Puerto Montt just before 7.30 Pm and a´then a half hour walk back to camp

See Yeah
// The Global Cyclist 1726