The ferry boat depart from Chaiten 11 AM and the sun ws spelling from a almost clearblue sky and the sea looks very calm.

Ferry boat to Puerto Montt

Ferry stopps for taking onboard new passanger and or vehicle

Ferry boat seems to be almost full,they have TV, a cafeteria but no WiFi and the mobile
connections are almost dead.

We arrived to Puerto Montt while the sun still shinning, around 8:15 Pm. I’ve already looked up
for a camping place, El Ciervo and close to the ferry terminal. Only took me 15 minutes to ride.

Not the best camping place so far but I still got a place with a roof over the tent, but no WiFi, no kitchen, but shower and toilet. It’ll do it.

My campsite El Ciervo

Morning after I did breakfast and took my bicycle whitout any panniers into some centro of Puerto Montt.

The road there, about 2 km, is lined with markets on both sides of the street, selling everything under the sun.

Angelmo mercado

Angelmó är en liten chilensk vik som ligger i Puerto Montt , mittemot ön Tenglo. The first thing I did was to visit the Oxford bike workshop, located a few streets above the boardwalk.

Quite easy to find, but it was harder to make myself understood, though it was facilitated with the help of our mobile phones.

Oxford bicycle workshop promised to fix my bicycle problem

I explained my problem, and he nodded enthusiastically. Left the bike and headed back towards a shopping center I had seen. Inside, there was a nice café with WiFi and a view of the Puerto Montt bay and the popular boardwalk.

En grupp människor som går på en trottoar bredvid en vattenmassa

Puerto Montt boardwalk

The rest of the day, I just walk” about” around, mingling with more and more people, which wasn’t surprising since the sun was shining.

A happy couple by the boardwalk

Chicken sales

Before I walked back to my camping I stopped by a tour agency to get some info about a trip to Puñihuil and Pingiuneras. I would like to see penguins in real life. Puñihuil  lies on Isla Grande de Chiloé.
Before I left I decided to join the tour.

The Van will pick me up outside IBAS hotel next morning 8.45 AM.

I’ve seen penguins on TV and movies but not in real life, so I was really excited and very curious about the encounter with these black and white ,well-dressed beings.
Then some bread shopping and back home to my tent under the roof.

Some facts of Puerto Montt…
Has gained renown and grown significantly through the rise of Chile to become the second largest salmon producer of the world. Population like double Sundsvall.

Here in Angelmó  you can buy fresh fish like never before. They land the fish just an hour or so before lunch… and it smells like fish here.

Fishing boats just delivered what the sea has left for them

See Yeah Later
//The Global Cyclist 1726