17-19 NovemberMy first 15 km was easier then I expected and no probs to get out of Ushuaia, Google Maps told me around 100 km to Tolhuin and also made clear I need to do some climbing. Could be better weather, the rain pooring down from start.
While I pedaling I listen to a download podcast about a robbery of a value transport in Umeå in 2009.

After about hour and a half Google’s prediction proved to be spot-on with great success.
First some smaller climbings but then up, up and up through Garibaldi Pass and the rain still pooring down. Some parts of the uphill, I had to jump of from the bike and push it.

Half way uo i was needed to refill water

At least I was on the very top and first ting I saw  was a portal and a pointing view övr Lago Escondido.

After some photos I jumped on my bicyle and took me down. Before I left a touruíst guide informed me that a bar and restaurant was open and lies at the end of the lake.

Garibaldi Pass viewpoint laje down is Lago Escondido

Previously, I had felt that the handlebars were loose and while I’m cycling down it’s get worse. I stoped at the bar which was almost occupied by others and  order coffe and two fried eggs.

I also had the opportunity to dry my gloves, hat, and rain gear by a cast-iron stove that stood in the middle of the room.

From here to Tolhuin it was about 50 km. The head and sidewind has lost most of it’s power and I could hold quite a good speed. No villages after the road just a few small houses. The surrandings is wide open and barren, with short grass, small bushes, and gray dead trees that I got to experience.
After another 20 km sidewind came back and my speed decreased a lot and I also felt tired like hell. Two km before Tolhuin a pickup car stoped me and told me to follow him. He had a offer for me, I followed him and he took me to a big and fresh cafe, Panadería La Union middle of Tolhuin  and asked me to wait.

The cafe owner came out and welcomed me, offering a bed at no cost. He asked me to steer the bike to the back, then guided me into an adjacent building, a storage and bakery. In the basement, there were three beds. It wasn’t a three-star accommodation, but it had a roof over my head, and I avoided the rain. He also gave me the opportunity to take a shower! I didn’t say no.

After my shower I went back to the gigant cafe and order coffe and two cookies

A popular Cafe in Tolhuin

Distans: 92,5 km
Average Speed: 14,3 km/h
Max Speed: 69,4 km/h
Cycling Time:07,43 h/m
Total Time:08:12 h/m
Medium Temp: 03,0 C
Max Temp: 10,0 C
Min Temp: 02,0 C

I slept quite well despite some tingling sensations in the legs. Before I left i visit the cafe for a last time for coffe and a huge sandwich with cheese and ham. I also said goodby to cafe owner.

My trip to Rio Grande is about 110 km but I’ve seen the road is not so hilly.
Weather is quite good, no rain and not so chilly. Best of all I have headwind which means
that I could maintain about 19-22 km per hour.

The road and surroundings are empty and desolate, not much in terms of buildings.
The only company I got is just cows, horses, sheeps and very shy Ilamas. I the afternoon wether
change and become more windy, esspecially from the sides.

Around 5:45 PM it was not more then 10 km left but it was like hell, wind from head and side,
industrals buildnings, traffic lights every 100 meters and no centro in my sight.

17:45 I was in town,Rio Grande tired and bored.

Tomorrow I will head for the border into Chile and Google has described the route as flat, which is also evident in the graph.

Distans: 110,87 km
Average Speed: 18,3 km/h
Max Speed: 52,8 km/h
Cycling Time:06,01 h/m
Total Time:07:54 h/m
Medium Temp: 05,0 C
Max Temp: 20,0 C
Min Temp: 1,0 C

See yeah Later
//The Global Cyclist 1726