Woke up at 6 and tried to go back to sleep again but no success. Get dressed and made some coffe in the kitchen. Outside the ground is white and snow mixed with rain in the air and the temperature shows 7 °C… No time for shorts.

Snow, rain and 6 C

Around 8 they serve breakfast, egg, musli, milk, breaad, jam and coffe. After that I started to finísh with assembly of the bike, bag holders and handlebar bag.

To cycle downtown is easy, mostly dowards,  more specifically very downwards, slope between 10 and 20 %. After some hundred meters I regret I left my gloves in the room. It’s very chilly. Cycling around and stoped

When I heard people shouting and manifesting loudly, the entire street was completely blocked by hundreds of blue-white flags with the ATE logo. It’s definitely a demonstration for fair wages.

 Ushuais demonstrate for fair wages and better conditions at workplaces

I stoped for a while and listen to speachers and drums and warm up my hands over a fire.Then I joined a coffeplace and open my Google maps I had prepared. Find out my first goalRio Grande is 210 km north and a little bit steepy!,especially from the beginning.It’s goona be no problem to stay warm.

Altidute profile to Rio Grande

Ushuaia relies on tourism. Banks, coffeshops, souvenirs, tourism agencys, and lots of shops selling outdoors equipments and clothes. Not a singe grocery shops like ICA,Coop or WiLLYS. Despite the tourism relies the english skills is quite bad.

Another thing, it’s also quite expensive, a medium coffe around 39-40 SEK, for a sandwich you need to pay 75-100 SEK.
Google and Trading Economics tells that inflation Rate in Argentina increased to 142.70 % in October so it’s understandably why people demonstrate. Something strange, all prices has a $ symbol

As I went back up, I felt my gears jump back and forth. I have to fix this tomorrow thats for sure. I also must check up how easy or difficult to use cards up north or  how much I need to withdrawal local currency.

See Yeah later
//The Global Cyclist 1726